Mr Trump is the most anti-Russian president since Reagan

Putin must be getting scared of Trump. I hope now that Trump stays on as effective US president until he has gotten the European Nato countries scared enough to honor their promise of a 2% BNP Nato financial effort.

Scared because he presents himself as unreliable and unhinged.

Nothing will hinder Putin in his effort to make (USSR)Russia great again more than a fully financed Nato.

It is Reagans ‘evil empire’ economic theory all over again; make the Russian economically broke with an arms-race they cannot a-fort.

The Netherlands made the 2% promise also, 5 years ago, but no party leader wants to be reminded that promisees  should be kept between allies.

We now spent 1.2 % on defense and the most belligerent party (standing alone on this subject in the field) would like to raise it to 1.4 %. 1.4 % being the European average.

0.2 % is € 2000 million (US $ 2.1 billion) so the full 0.8 percent backlog is US $ 8.4 billion. For that money  Mr Putin would face the 800 Dutch tanks we all sold in our illusion of the “ Peace dividend” again and twice as much JSF fighters, only from Holland. Imagine the effect of Trumponomics of all European countries to be faced by Russia.

I do suspect that Mr Trump will be surprised to find out he is the most anti-Russian president since Reagan, but that is prove of his unbelievable lack of intellectual depth in his political views. For Europe on this point he is a God-sent.

Please do not impeach!